Meril Wubslin crafts intimate indie-folk on new album, Alors Quoi

Ahead of their third album Alors Quoi, Swiss trio Meril Wubslin return with the haunting new single Là-Autour. Choral vocals, mesmeric riffs, and whirring synths ebb and flow, the perfect foil for Valérie Niederoest’s meditative tones. 

The album finds the trio banishing their amps to pursue a more intimate and low key vibe. Tambourines and maracas replace drums kit, and they also enlist a group of friends to form a small amateur, female choir bringing a richness and colour to proceedings.

Speaking about their new intimate approach to recording the LP, the band says: “We were surprised by the wide range of possibilities, much more direct and much more emotional actually. Just mics in front of our unplugged guitars, small percussions, our naked voices, et voila…” 

Alors Quoi is released 5th February via Bongo Joe. Pre-order here, check out the artwork and tracklisting below.


1. Là-Autour
2 À Part Ça
3 Alors Marche
4 Flâner
5 Sais-Tu
6 Bruit
7 La Traversée
8 C’est Faux
9 Laisser Parler

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