Electric Jalaba are releasing their third album, titled El Hal / The Feeling, via Strut Records

El Hal is the new third album from Electric Jalaba and their first release in five years.

Electric Jalaba have a new album on the way.

Due out in March, El Hal / The Feeling, sees the band improvise their way through traditional Gnawa music mixed with disco synth patterns, percussive mbalax rhythms and dubby vibes. You can hear three new tracks below.

El Hal / The Feeling comes six years on from their last album, 2015’s Merhaba.

Electric Jalaba is made up of Moroccan Gnawa master Simo Lagnawi, Italian/English drummer Dave De Rose and four musical brothers; Henry, Oliver, Nathaniel and Barnaby Keen.

“There’s a very strong rhythmic element within the band but because of our different perspectives but the melodic components are really unique as well,” says Henry Keen. That feeling of being outside of yourself but totally within yourself at the same time… That’s what all of us, collectively, are striving for.”  

Strut Records will release The Feeling on 19th March. Pre-order here.


1. Tora Tora

2. Cubaili Ba

3. Agia Hausa

4. Daimla

5. Fulan

6. Shabakru

7. Briando

8. Tugra

9. Hindewu

10. Lagmami

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