Rachika Nayar announces debut album Our Hands Against The Dusk Out

Brooklyn-based ambient-electronic composer Rachika Nayar has announced details of her debut full-length album, Our Hands Against The Dusk.

The eight-track LP will arrive on March 5th via NNA Tapes and is preceeded by the deeply moving lead single ‘The Trembling of Glass’.

Speaking about the track, Nayar explains: “I arranged nearly the entire song from processing one guitar progression into a bunch of different sounds—which then reveals itself in its raw form at the end of the piece from beneath the fog of all those textural mirrors. For myself, listening to it brings to mind: Nostalgia. Memory. Pulling back the veil, and the painful clarity of seeing yourself anew.”

Written over the past four years, musically the album fuses ambient, emo, electronic, and contemporary classical. The album’s fluid but deeply felt through-line represents Nayar’s navigation through the many musical and human communities she has been a part of as an Indian-American trans person.

If you haven’t yet, get acquainted with Nayar’s music below, then check out her Soundcloud page.

1. The Trembling of Glass
2. Losing Too Is Still Ours (feat. YATTA)
3. Marigolds Tulsi
4. The Edges
5. New Strands
6. A Burning Plain
7. Aurobindo
8. No Future (feat. Zeelie Brown)

Our Hands Against The Dusk is out on March 5th via NNA Tapes – Buy here.

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