Mia Doi Todd explores motherhood, creative life and mortality on new album

Mia Doi Todd has shared the title track from her forthcoming album ‘Music Life’.

Comprised of eight tracks, the LP follows on from her 2018 ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ soundtrack and features guest performances from Jeff Parker, Money Mark, Fabiano do Nascimento, Sam Gendel, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson and Laraaji. The album, produced with husband Jesse Peterson, explores themes of motherhood, mortality and the creative life. 

Todd describes writing the title track ‘Music Life’:

“The title track begins: “If you give your life to music, it opens up the path.” My musical path started when I was a teenager, taking singing lessons from my Silver Lake neighbor who was an opera singer. Not long afterwards, I began writing songs and finding my own voice. I followed indie rock bands and started playing shows around town. Gradually music came to consume most of my being! The song addresses the ups and downs of a musician’s life. I wrote it the night I came home from a dear friend’s memorial service, another of several musician friends who have passed away at a young age. The song morphs organically through background vocals and psychedelic guitars and ultimately emerges as a celebration of life lived fully. “

Over the course of the track’s journey, Todd’s heart melting vocals soar atop of the lush layers of blissfully vibrant instrumentation that serves as the perfect backdrop. 

City Zen Records will release ‘Music Life’ on February 12th, 2021. Pre-order from Bandcamp.


  1. Music Life (feat. Jeff Parker & Money Mark)
    2. Take Me to the Mountain
    3. My Fisherman
    4. Little Bird (feat. Fabiano do Nascimento & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
    5. Mohinder and the Maharani
    6. If I Don’t Have You
    7. Wainiha Valley (feat. Laraaji)
    8. Daughter of Hope
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