Zeitgeist & Tucceri – Tzimtzum (TS Premiere)


The world is in turmoil, although the US election results has restored a tiny bit of faith in humanity. 

What is needed more than ever is music, especially the kind that can transport you into a state of tranquillity and deep meditation. Step forward Zeitgeist & Tucceri who do just that on their collaborative project.

The project of Ziggy Zeitgeist and Erica Tucceri is getting set to release a full-length in the new year via Melbourne’s La Sape Records – titled ‘Jin Mu’, which should hoprfully arrive around February / March.

The title ‘Jin Mu‘ is taken from the Chinese Zodiac and translates to the elements of Metal (Jin) and Wood (Mu). this is essentially the concept of this record.

Speaking about the upcoming LP, they say that it’s a release that offers “a place of reflection and healing amongst an ever imposing and disposable pop culture. In a time where we fight for each others attention in 10 second social media grabs. The duo offer something of the opposite. An opportunity to tap out of the technological bombardment and allow the listener the place to reflect, to ponder, to imagine.”

Setting the tone and the pace of the album, we’re excited to premiere the lead track ‘Tzimtzum’. Blending gentle percussion with wandering cymbals, feathery flute notes and what sounds like birds chirping which only adds to the subtle sense of far-away serenity. It’s the perfect track to take you to a peaceful place and help rid the listener of any negative energy.

It’s a gorgeous track one that repeatedly rewards with the numerous listens. To standout out in the music world, you need perfection. Zeitgeist & Tucceri have it in spades.

Stay in touch with Zeitgeist & Tucceri here.

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