MAST unveils new album, Battle Hymns of the Republic

Photo by Eron Rauc

It’s been a while since we featured MAST on the site, but he makes a welcome return with brand new music! 

The Los Angeles-based producer and electronic musician follow last years incredible collaborative The Art of Unfolding, Vol 1 album; by sharing the lead track from his forthcoming follow up titled Battle Hymns of the Republic (out January 29th via Alpha Pup‘s World Galaxy).

Take a listen to ‘Call to Action’ a track that is an absolute treat to the ears. The song is dark and menacing yet has an equally vibrant tone running throughout its duration.

Speaking about the concept behind the album on Instagram, MAST, real name Timothy Conley explains:

“This album is a deliberate reflection to events happening in our country and around the world. A spiritual protest against the rise of misinformation and fascist ideologies that aim to redefine who we are at our best and fondle our worst sensibilities. At our best, we are nation of immigrants, a nation of refugees, a nation that thrives when diversity, compassion, education and science are nestled not neglected. At our worst, we are a nation in denial of our past and present evils. A nation dismissive its founding idols were slave owners while still suffering the pitfalls of institutional racism. A nation lead by narcissistic tyrants whom govern through division. A nation who covers its eyes and ears to the indisputable coming tsunami of climate change as the furious waves of natural disasters and a global pandemic this very moment challenges our humanity. This is my unapologetic yet humble offering to inspire, motivate and help steer our collective ship towards the calmer waters of empathy, equality, sustainability and truth.” 

With the US election result reverberating around the world this new album is a welcome and timely soundtrack.

The fourteen track album features appearances from a stellar cast of musicians and vocalist including Dan Rosenboom, Artyom Manukyan, Betamax, Luis Mascaro, Dwight Trible, Jimetta Rose and more.

Head here to pre-order the album and check out the fantastic Tokio Aoyama cover art below.



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