Nikhil Beats – She Rises’ ft. Henna (TS Premiere)


Today we’ve got the first play of the debut single from East London up-and-coming artist/producer Nikhil Beats

Teaming up with his cousin Henna the pair deliver the thought-provoking ‘She Rises’ which showcases Nikhil’s celestial blend of RnB, neo-soul and classical Hindi music with Henna’s powerful poetry and immersive story-telling.

It’s a highly listenable and exciting offering, and although I expect to be hearing lots more from Nikhil Beats, I’m also hoping Henna shares more of her own work soon.

She Rises’ is taken from Nikhil Beats’ upcoming debut ‘3000 Realms’ EP which is due for release early 2021.

Henna comments; “‘She Rises’ is a special one to me. It’s a love letter to my ancestors and the power that they’ve passed down onto us. It reminds me when I’m feeling low in this racist, misogynistic world, that I come from so much power and beauty. And it’s for all us diaspora kids who feel like we don’t belong somewhere or are unsure about our identities. That while we figure that out, we have that ancestral strength and resilience pushing us forwards, we just need to tap into it. I want diaspora kids to feel proud when they hear ‘She Rises’, and to reclaim their power too”.

Nikhil elaborates that the track, “is about empowering the people on the fringes of society who need that reminder. The reminder that our ancestry, roots and life, span extremely far back and extremely far forward. Therefore the existence we are all living right now is like one of many. I find this thought massively relieving from anxiety. It makes me understand the power my life (and everyone else’s life) has in every moment. I hope all the people who need it can relate to the messages in ‘She Rises’”.

Tune in below!

Press notes:

Nikhil Beats has been carving out his authentic sound by seamlessly merging R&B, hip-hop and jazz with cultural influences from his Asian heritage. Henna is a creative artist and activist who explores themes of race, intersectional feminism, self-love and wellness through her work and platform Henna Speaks. 

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