Guest Mix: Nathan ‘Tugg’ Curran

London based drummer and producer, Nathan ‘Tugg’ Curran takes the decks for our latest guest mix.

If you’re not aware, Nathan is the brainchild behind Planet Battagon and new interstellar jazz trio Edrix Puzzle. We’ve been championing both projects on the site and premiered the debut track by Edrix Puzzle a few weeks back. 

The track is one of the standouts from On The Corners recently released Doors To The Cosmos compilation. Also featured on the comp is a new cut from Planet Battgon who will unveil their first full-length on the label next month.

As a music maker who sounds defies easy categorisation, we thought he’d be a great choice to put together a mix for us. Duly obliging the mix doesn’t disappoint.

Nathan conjures up a diverse selection of electronic, jazz, funk disco music from an array of artists ranging from Herbie Hancock, Ben LaMar Gay, Minoru Muraoka, DJ Harvey, Gil Trythall and more. The mix also features tracks from Planet Battagon and Edrix Puzzle.

A wonderfully eclectic blend that is best enjoyed with headphones. 


1.Rise to Eris – Edrix Puzzle
2. RainDance – Herbie Hancock
3. Muhal – Ben LaMar Gay
4. Soul Bamboo – Minoru Muraoka
5. IxION -Planet Battagon
6. The Beginning – Sun Ra
7. ERIS in Formation – Planet Battagon
8. Echospace -Gil Trythall
9. The One – AZANYAH
10. Rainbow – S.O.L.A.R.
11. Wezlees Disco Inferno – Planet Battagon
12. Luna Party – Dj Harvey
13. Jonny Buck Buck – Edix Puzzle

Door To The Cosmos is out now – grab your copy. 

Trans​-​Neptunia by Planet Battagon is out on 23rd October – pre-order here.

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