Eiljah Minnelli is back with his third single, Venn Diagram

Eiljah Minnelli is back with his third single.

Brand new transmission from the Breadminster County Council’s Music Initiative!

Breadminster-based DJ/producer Elijah Minnelli offers the third single in a trilogy of 7-inches with a bouncy Venn Diagram.

The track follows on from Minnelli’s previous releases, featuring a melancholic harmonium lead melody backed with theremin sub-bass and driving percussion. The B-side is a live dub take of the track, peppered with warping delays and analogue spring reverb. 

If you like your reggae to blend many different elements and for an artist to have a sound and style very much of their own, then this third effort is a must listen. 

Whilst sounding similar, yet somewhat different from his first two singles, this should garner even wider appreciation for the newcomer.

Check out the track below and if you want to grab the super limited edition vinyl, head here – be quick though, because it’s sure to sell out pretty fast!

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