Spiritmuse Records announces the debut album from Cosmic Vibrations ft. Dwight Trible

Debut album by new, LA-based spiritual jazz ensemble led by acclaimed jazz vocalist Dwight Trible.

Spiritmuse Records are releasing the debut album from LA-based spiritual jazz ensemble Cosmic Vibrations led by acclaimed jazz vocalist Dwight Trible.

The six-strong group is a collaboration between Trible (voice / kalimba), John B Williams (acoustic bass), Derf Reklaw (congas / percussion / flute), Pablo Calogero (tenor sax / bass clarinet / woodwinds / flutes), Christopher Garcia (indigenous percussion) and Breeze Smith (drums / percussion / loops).

Their 11 track album titled ‘Pathways & Passages’, is “a sublime amalgamation of divine vocals, soul-stirring jazz, healing poetry, with a rich tapestry of African, Mesoamerican and indigenous North American percussion and instrumentation,” shares the label.

Listen above to album opener ‘Nature’s Vision’ which sets the tone for the record’s journey. Pre-order here.

'Pathways & Passages', the debut album from Cosmic Vibrations.


1. Nature’s Vision
2. Blue Skies
3. Movin’ On
4. How Long
5. Motherless Child
6. Passages
7. May the Weak Become Strong
9. Water Flow
10. Tragedy Escapes
11. Some Other Time

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