Between The Cracks: Six Releases That Require Your Attention

Between The Cracks: New Albums.

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for albums to drop online and go overlooked. No lenghty write ups as who reads those anyway? We keep it short and to the point because you’re hear to listen to the music! Check out our weekly mini-guide below and if you like what you hear click the links and support the artists.


Moodymann – Taken Away

Detroit music legend Moodymann is back with a new album! The sample-heavy nine-song set blends vintage samples with gospel, house, jazz and more. He starts by taking us back to church with the Al Green sampling ‘Do Wrong’, and he never lets up on the soulful groove as we go on a tour de force of Detroit genres. With no full-length follow-up to his 2014 self-titled album ‘Taken Away’ is a brilliant return proving once again why he is still one of the best producers around right now. An early contender for any year-end list.



SAULT – Untitled (Black Is)

We were already huge fans of the mysterious group SAULT after last years two stunning releases, but new album Untitled (Black Is) takes things to another level. The timely and empowering record, which features collaborations with Michael Kiwanuka and Laurette Josiah, tackles issues such as racial injustices, police brutality, systemic racism and more. A fittingly poignant album that comes packed with the same twisted funk, hip-hop, soul, disco and post-punk sounds we’ve become accustomed to but with much more edginess while lyrically exploring the full spectrum of blackness. Despite its heavy subject matter, the 20 track album is an absolute joy on the ears delivering its powerful message without ever coming off as preachy. The band says: “We present our first ‘Untitled’ album to mark a moment in time where we as Black People, and of Black Origin are fighting for our lives. RIP George Floyd and all those who have suffered from police brutality and systemic racism. Change is happening…We are focused.” The revolution is coming, and it will be televised.



79rs Gang – Expect The Unexpected 

In these turbulent times, with each day bringing unforeseen challenges the title of the new 79rs Gang album is perfect. Forming in 2013 the 79rs Gang is made up of Big Chief Romeo Bougere of the 9th Ward Hunters and Big Chief Jermaine Bossier of the 7th Ward Creole Hunters. Proving that opposing tribes can put their differences aside and came together to build a bridge with music, the pair released their debut LP Fire On The Bayou in 2014. Working alongside writer/ producer Eric Heigle (Arcade Fire, The Soul Rebels, Lost Bayou Ramblers) – they’ve created an album that is rooted in the unique traditions of New Orleans Mardi Gras Indian culture, while launching the culture forward, bringing each track to dance floors and block parties around the world. Standouts aplenty but special mention goes to ‘79rs Bout To Blow’, ‘Culture Vulture’, ‘War Cry (Way Downtown Mix)’, ‘Trouble’ and ‘Needle Don’t Lie’. ‘Expect The Unexpected’ more than lives up to its title. Essential.



Sarmacja – Jazda Polska

If you like your music to take unexpected twisted turns along its travels, then this one is for you! Deep digital dub, electronic experiments, and dancehall tinged flavours touched up The Orb is the order of the day on Jazda Polska by Sarmacja. Superbly crafted, with eclectic production that’s riddled with groove, Jazda Polska is an album for both the head and feet. Tracks such as the mid-tempo ‘Olimpijczyk’, and ‘Karaoke Dub’’ flow free with melodic ease. ‘Smok’ is more intricate creeping along with restrained, whereas ‘Doktor Słowo’ is thick with bass and a driving low end. It’s fun, playful, and a bit bonkers it’s also very entertaining.



Photay – Waking Hours

The second album from Evan Shornstein aka Photay is a joy to the ears. The message of Walking Hours is quite simply to be satisfied with purely being. The follow up to 2017’s Onism, is a meditation on time and, more specifically, our obsessive need to fill every moment with activity. On this 10-song set, he offers such an engaging, fun and unique listening experience that even those who struggle to quiet their restless minds will have to switch off at least for the albums 43 minutes run time. “It’s about getting back to a really simple notion of just celebrating your existence and not necessarily attaching this huge story of who you are and what you do,” says Photay. “It’s about finding comfort in just being.” Take time out, press play and rest your body and mind to this wonderful album. 




Shirley Scott – One For Me

After releasing Tino Contera’s 1978 EP Musica Infinita earlier this year, Gilles Peterson’s new legacy imprint Arc Records return with their next offering. The label focuses on “curiosities and gems from the basement” and their second release is a reissue of organist Shirley Scott’s 1975 album One For Me. As the album title suggests, One For Me is a very personal album – a defiant tribute to the music she always desired to create but was shrouded by the demands of her vibrant career. Recorded at Blue Rock Studio in November 1974 with tenor saxophonist Harold Vick and drummer Billy Higgins and released initially on Strata-East Records, in January 1975, it’s a joy to be able to bask in this timeless piece of jazz history once again.


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