Video: Awkward Corners – I’ll Do It Tomorrow (TS Premiere)

For his new album Dislocation Songs’, DJ, musician, and label owner Chris Menist, aka Awkward Corners steps into the world of electronica, deep ambience, downtempo beats, and devotional music that gives the LP such a distinctive sound.

I’ll Do It Tomorrow is the second single from the album, and it’s beautiful, laid-back percussion-heavy journey. It’s the perfect track to get lost for a moment as the dubby synths ripples leaving plenty of room for the gentle conga-grooves to work their magic.

Today, we’re are thrilled to premiere the accompanying trance-inducing video, produced by Chris’ teenage son Ben, as a lockdown creative exercise while home-schooling during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Speaking about the project Ben explains:

“From the start of making this animation, I decided to open and close it with an eye, eventually zooming out to someone putting something off for tomorrow, fitting with the track’s title. I’ve always seen eyes as mysterious and captivating, which is why there seems to be so much commotion within the eye in the animation. I usually began animating a section by thinking of an interesting cyclical movement like the flapping of wings or rotation of a flower, before drawing the frames in FlipaClip. Most of the loops take inspiration from microbiology and cellular structures, which I find fascinating, and I constantly tried to vary the types of colours and motions of each cycle. My parents also suggested that there should be more linking each loop together, other than the eye, which is why some similar motions are reused for particular sections of the music, like motifs. One of my favourite parts is when the soothing motions of bubbly pink hills are suddenly interrupted by the unnatural and mechanical movement of industrial cogs, which was largely inspired by the shift in music itself.”

Lockdown and lock in up top.


I’ll Do It Tomorrow EP is out now via Shapes of Rhythm. Buy from Bandcamp or Boomkat.

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