Félicia Atkinson announces new EP, Everything Evaporate

Félicia Atkinson unveils new 5-track EP.

French experimental composer, poet and visual artist Félicia Atkinson makes a welcome return with a new project dedicated to abstract expressionist painter Helen Frankenthaler.

Released tomorrow on her Shelter Press imprint the five-track EP features everything from Spectral drones, gongs, bells, pianos and marimbas accompanying Atkinson’s voice.

According to the label, “Everything Evaporate was produced after a year of travel and shows. It is, in a sense, a reassessed document of public performance with improvised studio interventions acting to break the linear stream of the live-on-stage temporality. “

Listen to the slow-moving and ethereal title track below.

Head here to order the EP ahead of tomorrow’s release, check out the cover art and tracklisting below. 

Félicia Atkinson- Everything Evaporate


1. Everything Evaporate
2. I Can’t Stop Thinking About It
3. Transparent, In Movement
4. Don’t Assume
5. This Is The Gate


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