Album: Sofie Birch – Island Alchemy

New music from Sofie Birch.

Copenhagen-based electronic composer and sound artist Sofie Birch closed out 2019 with her second solo release titled, Island Alchemy.

Featuring the previously released single ‘Myg’, each of the six tracks that make up the project explores music through improvisation, sound experiments and analog electronic equipment.

A graduate of the Sonic College in 2015 with a bachelor degree in sound design, Birch brings influences from ambient, electronica, synthwave with flecks of jazz together to create a genuinely distinctive unconventional sound. 

From the ethereal looping soundscape of ‘Myg’ to the droning yet dreamy lure of ‘Loph’, the pulsating ambient intensity of ‘Mu Evans’ to the beauty and fragility of closer ‘Slow Piru’, every track is an absorbing listening experience filled with warm emotions and technical genius.

As refreshingly unique and adventurous as ever, this might be Birch’s best release yet. Get swept away in 37 minutes by the beautiful textures, ambient bliss, spellbinding soundscapes and cosmic synths.

Let Sofie Birch take you away from your usual ambient comfort zone with Island Alchemy.

Island Alchemy is out now via Constellation Tatsu. Buy from Boomkat or Bandcamp

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