Album: Slow Meadow – Happy Occident

Album: Slow Meadow - Happy Occident.

This past month, Matt Kidd aka Slow Meadow returned with his third full-length album Happy Occident, an eleven song collection of drifting ambient sound that sends the listener to a tranquil mindset.

Inspired by the stress of modern life and the hectic and often uncertain state of these turbulent times, Happy Occident is a place to reflect and find clarity. The question Kidd poses is what it means to be happy and does the meaning of the word have any essential value?

“The album is like a waking dream of ideas strung together in a nonlinear fashion,” says Matt Kidd. “I have been thinking more about what it means to be ‘Happy’ in the Occident. Happiness is often nothing more than a false promise used to sell something, even ideas. I dwell on the utter failure of that word, especially in comparison to something like the Greek word ‘eudaimonia.’”

Over the eleven compositions his unique approach to music is complemented by the virtuoso talents of violinist Ellen Story, whose playing, Kidd says, “dictated much of the direction on a couple of tracks.”

Press play and free yourself for a while from the everyday stresses and relax. And when you’re free of all that stuff repeat and listen to the album again.

Happy Occident is a beautiful album that you’ll fell in love with very quickly.  

Happy Occident is out now with Hamrock Music. Buy from Bandcamp.

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