New & Noteworthy: STANLÆY – Rif

Rif is out now via STANLÆY ART.

STANLÆY the multifaceted/multi collection of artists led by Bethany Stenning returns with a new 4-track EP.

The EP follows The Human Project album and acts as a fragmented snapshot of Stenning’s time while living in Rif, a small town in North Iceland in late 2018-early 2019.

According to the press release, the EP is “an ode to weighty introspection, memories, identity, and physical connections with others and with nature.”

The four tracks merge a combination of gentle electronic production and the organic sounds of the violin. Like previous STANLÆY releases, the music is impossible to pigeonhole, the myriad of influences effortlessly traversed by Stenning’s alluringly quirky tones.

Speaking about her unique sound, she says, “I am interested in the marrying of something synthetic and meticulously crafted, with something very raw and close to my heart.”

All written and performed by Stenning (except the bass on Multiverse Moat, which was played by Harry Stoneham). There are many highlights on Rif, but our pick of the bunch is ‘Ted’s Tune,’ a delicately crafted violin piece resplendent with bird noises inspired by the birth of her nephew Ted.

Rif is a spellbinding concoction of outer-worldly electronics, entrancing folk melodies and classical arrangements that is a engaging listening experience.

Rif is out now via STANLÆY ART. Buy from Bandcamp.


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