Interview​/Music: Nim Sadot and Nim Quartet

Get to know Nim Sadot and his Nim Quartet.

Nim Quartet the project led by London based bass player Nim Sadot have returned with a new album.

The quartet once again fuses a dazzling mix of instrumental fusion jazz across the albums six tracks.

The quartet’s members include Nim Sadot on bass, Nick Walters on trumpet, Hamish Balfour on piano and keys, and Laurie Lowe on drums.

Guest Playlist: Nim Sadot

Recorded in Hackney Road Studios in London with the bass less prominent than their previous album, it was written, arranged and produced by Sadot.

Standouts from this first class album include ‘Ubermensch’, ‘Ear Pollution’, ‘Miricle Man’ and ‘Absolute Power’.

You can catch the band live at Pizza Express Soho on August 12th for the launch of the new album.

Check out the new LP above and read our interview below and get to know Sadot better.

What is your background? Tell us how you first got into jazz music and what motivated you to take up playing bass over other instruments?

I’m originally from Isreal, and I started playing the bass when i was 12, I started as a guitar player for 3 months, but my friends and I didn’t have a bass player to join our band, so we all decided to rent a bass, the rest is history 🙂:)). I first got into Jazz when I was 16, and my pianist friend started to take Jazz lessons, he is the one that turned me into Jazz.

Can you talk us through the new album and how your sound has evolved compared to your previous record? Also has your way of working changed since the first release?

The new album is different; the bass is more in the back then in the front, The first album had a few very old tunes of mine, a few from around 2005 and the bass took some of the melodies. I haven’t changed the way of writing, but the whole process was much more easier, I’ve learned a lot from the first album as far as ISRC codes, mixing, mastering, the album cover and everything we need to know when we self-release.

What has influenced your sound the most in the past year?

I’ve started to use more effects on my bass, and that’s what influenced me the most.

Which is your favourite track on the new album and why?

My favourite track is ‘Miracle Man’, I wrote this track around the same time I’ve released the first album. It’s in 3/4 but can easily feel like many other time signatures, We have performed it live a few times, and it’s also fun to play!

There’s some serious talent in your quartet. Can you tell us how you all came together?

I feel so blessed to have these guys on-board, I have met Hamish Balfour (Keys) over 10 years ago and since we’ve played together in many other groups. He is one of the most talented guys I’ve ever come across, and he is by far my first call for Piano/Keys duties. I met Laurie Lowe (Drums) a few years ago through Hamish, and we also did a few other things before I’ve asked him to join my band. In my opinion, he is one of the top drummers in the UK and most likely the nicest. I met Nick Walters (Trumpet) also through Hamish that recommended him for the first album, this guy just showed up and nailed it. Nick has a big part in the band’s sound, I’ve always loved the trumpet, and I love writing for trumpet, and I can’t think of anyone else that could play it better then Nick, that guy has it all including a great stage presence. You should also check his very beautiful music.

What are your five favourite tracks at the moment?

Avishai Cohen – Gesture #1
King Capisce – Once We Were Wild
Anton Eger – Oxford Supernova
Gilad Hekselman – Verona
Cinematic Orchestra – All Things To All Men

Can you recommend some new jazz artists bubbling under the radar that we should check out?

I just came across this great young polish band ‘Immortal Onion’, definitely worth checking the live video.

What’s next for Nim Sadot?

To promote the new album and to book gigs 🙂:)) I almost finished a new tune that will be great in my next release, I might add another horn, and I’m very excited to write new music. I’m also involved in a new trio the hopefully will go into the studio in the next two months, it is much more electronic.

Nim Quartet II is out now. Buy from Bandcamp. 

Nim Sadot website.

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