Finland’s Joona Samuel to release new EP via Art As Catharsis

Joona Samuel - The Act Of Disintegration EP.

Finnish sound artist, film music composer and RBMA alum Joona Samuel, will release his new EP ‘The Act of Disintegration’, on July 5th.

The three-track project draws influences from the likes of Jaga Jazzist, The Mars Volta, King Crimson, Magma and hints of early Weather Report.

Throughout the EP, Samuel’s love of jazz and prog are seamlessly blended on a track by track basis, lush cinematic jazz-fusion where both artistic craftsmanship and unexpected subtlety co-exist harmoniously.

Speaking about the creative process behind the album, Samuel states:

“The compositional process to The Act Of Disintegration started with the concept of composing a soundtrack to an ‘internal film’, “ explains Samuel. “I wanted to compose a musical novella of sorts that could be split in three parts to represent the three-act structure present in narrative fiction: I: Setup II: Confrontation III: Resolution. The story is essentially about confronting and accepting life as an event of inexplicable cosmic horror. Musically… I wanted to basically bring a plethora of influences together in a somewhat coherent manner.”

We can’t wait to hear the rest of the EP, but for now, check out the opening track ‘Disintegrate’ below.


1. Disintegrate
2. The Stars Are Not For Man
3. Irrational Thought Patterns

Joona Samuel’s The Act of Disintegration EP arrives on 05/07 via Art As Catharsis. Pre-order it here.


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