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Don’t know what to listen to today? We recommended trying out Wilma Vritra the transatlantic collaboration between London based artist Wilma Archer (Domino) and LA-based rapper Pyramid Vritra (Odd Future / Stones Throw).

Their collaboration is probably one you didn’t know you needed but one listen to ‘Burd’ and you’ll definitely be glad they connected.

The press release says that their debut LP “serves as an ode to these chaotic times, navigating seamlessly through genre and self-preservation.”

The pair recorded the 10-track remotely with Wilma writing in Newcastle and London, and Vritra writing in LA. The producer hopped out to LA and finished the majority of the record at Vritra’s place in Long Beach as well as a few days in Daddy Kev’s infamous ‘Cosmic Zoo’ studio.

“I feel like the album is a window,” Vritra explains. “Or a screen. You stay inside and watch the world happen. The truth is that sometimes the world isn’t pretty, and it isn’t happy, sometimes it is, but most times it isn’t. Each track is a different take on that reality on display to me.”

Burd is impossible to pigeonhole, the range of styles effortlessly spans R&B, yacht rock, ambient strings, and much more.

‘Harness’ is a bluesy midtempo opener in which Vrita introspectively vocalise his struggles with depression, while chilled grooves like the mellow ‘Put Down I and II’, the haunting ‘Ugly Ducklings’ and the blissfully weird ‘Vroom’ are calming highlights amongst a strong set. The boogie bounce of ‘Earnie’ will put a swagger in your step while the Prince-esque vibes of ‘Plumage’ add different flavours to an album designed to provoke thought, excite, and surprise in equal measures. Standouts include the eerie flute funk of ‘Over Girls’ and recent singles ‘Shallow Grave’ and ‘The Hill’.

It’s an album that grows with each spin and with such a diversity of styles on offer make this project even more engaging.

Wilma Vritra’s Burd LP is out now via Bad Taste Records. Buy from Bandcamp.


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