Reginald Omas Mamode IV returns to Five Easy Pieces for new album

Reginald Omas Mamode IV.
Photo by Joe Wilson

Reginald Omas Mamode IV has a knack of fusing sounds into his own unique niche, and with new track ‘In Search Of Balance’, he’s outdone himself. Combining his slightly hazy musings with a backdrop built up of humming voices, a pounding bassline, all tied together by hand claps and jangly percussive rhythms, the track is an absolute joy to listen to.

The 12-track album Mamode IV says was “partly recorded on a journey to the Mascarene Islands in search of family roots. The album is reflective of the search for this lineage, which branches from ancient Mauritian Maroons – whose rich heritage, music and culture includes an unrecognised, undocumented resistance to colonialism – though Swahili and Malagasy to sugarcane plantation Creole slave descendants.”

The track respectfully nods to his heritage with the heavy-hearted hums and percussive rattles evoking sombre memories of the shackled prisoners in a chain gang.

With influences ranging from golden era hip-hop, jazz, soul, afro, funk, Sega and Maloya, and music from Africa, the Caribbean, South London and US; Mamode IV attempts to evoke feelings of universal love and compassion.

Check out ‘Search For Balance’ down below.



1. Intro
2. So
3. Get With It
4. In Search Of Balance
5. Sister Rose
6. Truly’I
7. Rock Along
8. Part Three Omas Sextet
9. Kand Zot Pou Apprende
10. Interlude
11. Mother Liza
12. Where We Going
13. To Be Free (Interlude Intro)
14. To Be Free
15. No Reason

Where We Going? is out 10/ 05 via Five Easy Pieces. Pre-order from Piccadilly Records or Boomkat

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