Album: Rudy’s Midnight Machine – La Cadenza

Album: Rudy's Midnight Machine - La Cadenza

Under the guise of Rudy’s Midnight Machine, Faze Action’s Robin Lee returns with a new EP that taps into early 80’s Brit funk and more.

The title of his new full project is ‘La Candeza’ which partly translates as having a free rhythmic style, and often allowing virtuosic display which this EP does so in spades.

Drawing inspiration from Brit Funk bands such as Freeez and Light Of The World, as well as French musician Wally Badarou, this five-track EP is a beautifully melodic affair that could’ve come straight out of the summer of 1981.

Starting proceedings with the slinky Balearic, British hustle vibes of ‘Camera Dans La Nuit’ which comes riddled with funky guitars and bubbling synths. Next up we step into the jazz-funk cadence of ‘Une Vie Elegante’. The title track has a super chilled out atmosphere to it, while ‘Secret Garden’ takes things even slower, melodic and reflective with bold bass guitar melodies that are held up by the ebb and flow of piano arpeggios. Closing out the record is “Shifting Sands”, a track that harks back to the previous two EPs with more electronic synth bass and drum machine textures, with a guitar solo giving the listener the ideal ending.

If you like your funk laced with subtle jazz notes and Balearic grooves, you’re going to love this record.

If ‘La Cadenza’ doesn’t soundtrack your summer we don’t know what will!


La Cadenza is out now via Faze Action Records. Buy from SOTU or Bandcamp


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