Rare Silk’s cult track ‘Storm’ reissued on 10″ vinyl

Twistedsoul - Rare Silk

Be With Records and Emotional Rescue have teamed up to share a special release of US jazz vocal group Rare Silk and their cult slow jam, ‘Storm’.

Originally released in 1985 the track is based on a Stanley Turrentine song of the same name, from his 1971 album Salt Song and appeared on the groups American Eyes LP.

The limited 10″ release comes backed by a stripped-down, echo-drenched remix from New York’s electronic sonic explorer, Alexis Georgopoulos aka ARP.

A much sought after track for record collectors for many years, more recently it’s become an algorithm ‘hit’ on YouTube.

Pre-order a copy here and drift away to the songs otherworldly ambience, lush melodies, and rich phrasing below.                                                                                               

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