Culross Close are releasing a new album next month on Esencia​

K15-Culross Close Quintet

K15 returns under his Culross Close guise for a new album called Forgotten Ones, dropping next month via Esencia.

The fictitious jazz quintet features Eli Emmanuel on bass, Anthony Kieron on keys, May Goode on drums, Nathaniel Jiddu on synthesisers, and Hasani on percussion.

“Much of the way in which the world operates today, at a human level, concerns exploitation, using another’s vulnerability for one’s own benefit, an idea so commonplace we only recognise its ill in the extremes. From reflection to acceptance, to hope, Forgotten Ones delves into the contradictions of accepting the status quo while identifying its shortcomings.” Culross Close

This new record follows the Home album in 2016 on Japanese label Soundofspeed Records, and the ‘Moments’ 7″ on his Esencia imprint from early last year.

Today, we’re sharing, ​‘Acceptance’, a wonderfully arranged track that encompasses smooth and delicate piano lines interspersed with sonorous layered chants which rhythmically twist over the hip-hop groove permeating throughout the song.

Utterly warming and uplifting, check the track below. Pre-order here.


1. Fractured
2. Forgotten Ones
3. Acceptance
4. Mood
5. The Tiniest Lights Still Shine
6. Healing

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