Argentinian trio Fémina set to drop Quantic produced album

Argentinian trio Fémina's set to drop Quantic produced album

Fémina is an Argentinian female trio who channel blissed out, harmony-soaked soul music with a purpose.

Lyrically poignant with Latin folk and hip-hop influences, ‘Perlas & Conchas’ is the group’s third album and unlike earlier LP’s, is primarily an electronic statement, recorded and produced by Quantic – the first ever creation at his Selva Studios in New York.

The new record follows their debut in 2011 with ‘Deshice De Mi’, and their sophomore album, Traspasa in 2014.

Having already shared the records opening cut ‘Brillando‘ the band have unveiled ‘Arriba’. The trio had this to share about the track…

“It was the first song we composed on the album. We wrote it as a part of an “exquisite corpse”, a surrealist writing exercise, and that’s when the three of us started to compose together for the first time, as we often used to compose separately… The song speaks about deconstructing oneself, changing the established ways, and going to new places. It takes about finding ones true self. This song references the ancestral, our roots and our earth.”

Before the album arrives on April 5th, take a trip with the record’s second single ‘Arriba’ where traditional influences are fed through a funk-influenced groove.

Argentinian trio Fémina's set to drop Quantic produced album


1. Brillando
2. Perlas
3. Agradezco
4. Resist feat. Iggy Pop
5. Palpita y Goza
6. Arriba
7. Plumas
8. Cristal
9. Treparme
10. Somos Lo Que Somos

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