A track by track guide to Arema Arega’s debut album, The Red Soundtracks

Arema Arega

Barcelona-based multimedia artist Arema Arega is set to release her debut album ‘The Red Soundtracks’ on February 7th.

Arega created the 9-track album alongside Sam Wheat who mixed and mastered the LP. The LP comes with a 26-page booklet complete with song lyrics, photos, artwork created by Arega for each track and more. There is also a range of clothing associated with the release. With no detail overlooked it is an entirely constructed project.

Speaking about the concept behind the album she had this to say:

“The Red Soundtracks is my way of making my own movie. Cinema noir, suspense, the exoticism of the Latin rhythms, stories of the city that came into my life as songs, melodies, lyrics and noises, all those beautiful and sometimes imperceptible, noises that are the soul of my album. The dreamy world within my film with its characters laughing, crying, witnessing their surroundings in the silence of their thoughts, walking through their life in solitude or accompanied with their phantoms, people living their everyday dreams and challenges. This album is my way of looking out from within. Many Thanks for taking the time to listen and share the dream”

A track by track guide to Arema Arega's debut album, The Red Soundtracks.

Many years in the making Arega has put blood, sweat, and tears to create this labour of love and it shows!

Immerse yourself in her soundtrack as she guides you through the album track by track.

1.Black Mama’s Magic

The curtains open and the play begins. It’s night time, and the lights of the city are fragmented by incipient drizzle. The deserted and wet streets are the beginning of this story.

2. Natural Jazz

She walks alone through the deserted city. Her steps are insecure, and her mind prefers to take refuge in her thoughts, rather than in fear of an unwanted encounter.

3. Miro y te Veo (I Look And I See You)
Suspense, they are everywhere. They come with messages that they never finish saying. They are the voices of many and of none.

4. Moon Light Shadow – The Dream

A Tango Congo for the soul, to have fun. Smiles are painted on sad faces. The dance is a duel, and the duel hurts.

5. Natural Jazz – TheRemix
Triumphant, confident, she will never be the same.

6. Black Mama’s Prayer

Guilt and forgiveness walk together on the path of life. Freedom has a price.

7. Everybody but Me

To be an independent and proud woman, who doesn’t care about what the people want her to be and who doesn’t need to be owned by the most popular of them, to feel fulfilled.

8. Groovy

Dressed to party, she goes dancing through the city. The music that sounds in her heart is the energy that drives her life.

9. Mal

Irreverent, she walks across the dance floor, with a drink in her hand. She speaks with all of them, but she is not with anyone. She is free… and seduces and laughs … and leaves…

Special Collaborations:

Moon Light Shadow – The Dream
(Vocalist): Daniel Francis-Berenson

Mal (co-composer): Moises Whittaker Alvarez aka Mo Records

Natural Jazz video clip: Frank Guiller, Daniel Francis-Berenson and Yannis Lobaina



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