Cassie Kinoshi’s SEED Ensemble Driftglass LP up next on Jazz re:freshed

Saxophonist Cassie Kinoshi’s SEED Ensemble announces debut album, Driftglass.

Saxophonist and bandleader Cassie Kinoshi has announced Driftglass, the debut album from her SEED Ensemble project.

Across eight tracks the ten-piece band brings together immensely soulful, bustling and politically charged jazz.

With a sound that mixes jazz with inner-city London, West African and Caribbean influenced groove, the ensemble creates a melting pot of music that takes you on an adventurous trip to a destination unknown.

Of the project, Kinoshi says “SEED Ensemble is my way of celebrating the vibrant and distinctive diversity that has significantly influenced what British culture has become over the centuries. I also hope that aspects of the music succeed in planting a “seed” of awareness within the current climate of our society. It’s important to me that I shine a light on political subject matter which is often disregarded by the masses and highlight what it means to exist as a young Black British citizen today.”

Guest Playlist: Cassie Kinoshi

The album pulls in some of London’s most gifted and influential jazz musicians including trumpeter Sheila Maurice-Grey, tenor saxophonist Chelsea Carmichael, guitarist Shirley Tetteh, Tuba player Theon Cross and keys wizard Joe Armon-Jones are among the artist contributing to the forthcoming LP, out on February 8th via Jazz re:freshed.

Before the album drops next month take a listen to the first excerpt ‘Afronaut’ featuring XANA below.                                                                                                                       

1. The Darkies
2. Afronaut ft. XANA
3. Stargaze #1: KATIN
4. The Dreamkeeper
5. W A K E (for Grenfell) ft. Cherise Adams-Burnett
6. Stargaze #1: LAU
7. Mirrors
8. Interplanetary Migration ft. Mr Ekow

Pre-order a copy of Driftglass here.

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