Album: Felbm – Tape 1 / Tape 2

Soundway just dropped the debut album called Tape 1 / Tape 2, from Eelco Topper's new Felbm alias.

Having previously released synthesiser-laden electronic music as Falco Benz, for his Felbm project Dutch multi-instrumentalist Eelco Topper started experimenting with a Tascam 4-track tape recorder and a more straightforward sketch-like approach.

“I started picking up an acoustic guitar – an instrument that I really couldn’t play. It felt very fresh and liberating to just fool around, and at some point I started recording my ideas onto a Tascam four-track cassette recorder.”

The result is Tape 1 and Tape 2, stretching across fifteen tracks with fluttering piano melodies, subtle jazz drums, rumba rhythms and soothing ambience that floats through many of the tracks.

Moving from the bouncy and infectious Anderstein, to the laidback, psychedelic grooves of When It Rains, Felbm gives you the perfect music to just sink into your seat and drift away for a while.

Felbm’s influences are are a mixed bag and include Mocky, Mathieu Boogaerts, Andy Shauf, Sam Prekop, Tonbruket, Tape and Mary Lattimore. He says “My taste goes into all kinds of directions – the context or genre doesn’t really matter.”

Both the albums was recorded straight to tape in 2016/2017, and are released on the the always excellent Soundway Records.

Check out the album above, this release is one you can’t miss.


Tape 1 / Tape 2 is out now – buy from Bandcamp

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