Ishmael Ensemble return with Severn Songs 2

Twistedsoul - Ishmael EnsembleIshmael Ensemble is back with the second release in their Severn Songs series.

Arriving a few months after a bold introductory release imbued with the spirit of new beginnings the follow-up sees the project led by Pete Cunningham slip into a nostalgic haze.

On the new two-track release he throws back to his formative years in Bristol’s late 2000s scene but cast through a prism of jazzwise electronica.

‘Tunnels’ begins with a flurry of drums before being enveloped by sub-bass pressure, like stepping directly into a basement club in full flow. As the track climaxes, saxophones sweep the air like green-spoked lasers overhead, creating a contrast of pinpoint clarity against the background atmosphere. Though sonically well outside Bristol’s dubstep legacy, it accurately portrays the smudged perception of a peak time rave.

Head here to order a copy, listen to new track ‘Tunnels’ and check out the tracklist below.

Hopefully, the third instalment won’t be too far behind.


1. Tunnels
2. First Light

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