Planet Battagon return with new EP

Battagon Symphony (Rough Guide to Neptunia pt. 1London-based label On The Corner, known for showcasing some of the best global grooves around, is set to release the new EP from Planet Battagon.

The band, featuring Jack Baker (acoustic drums), Martin Slattery (bass clarinet, alto sax & FX), Oli Savill (percussion), Mickey Ball (trumpet) and Nathan Curran (synth bass, syn-drums, FX and conductor) conjure up otherworldly jazz stylings from some far distant planet.

Coming in swinging with a cosmic sound extracted from Lord Battagon’s home planet expect to hear tripped-out jazz that’s wild, adventurous, brilliantly odd and very entertaining.

This release follows on from their fantastic outing on the Atlantic Jaxx label in 2016.

Battagon Symphony (Rough Guide to Neptunia pt. 1) is out on October 26th. Pre-order here.


1. Salacians Of Trans-Neptunia
2. Who’s Out On Quaoar
3. Moon Of Dysnomia

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