Album: Uniting Of Opposites – Ancient Lights

Twistedsoul - Ancient Lights

The trio of Tim Liken, Clem Alford and Ben Hazleton aka Ancient Lights have assembled a stellar cast of musicians for this eight-track project, ‘Ancient Lights’.

With the help of Eddie Hick (Sons of Kemet, Ruby Rushton) on drums, Idris Rahman (Ill Considered, Wildflower) on clarinet, Manjeet Singh Rasiya on tabla and the vocals from Marcina Arnold they deliver a meticulously crafted album that explores and merges aspects of jazz, electronica and traditional Indian musical styles.

Named after the ‘Ancient Lights’ English property law, that gives homeowners the right to receive natural light, the LP brings together creative musical forces, colliding to continuously redefine the music itself and express a fluidity that’s found at the heart of Uniting of Opposites’ ethos.

Their debut album is a fine set of Indo jazz grooves. Tunes like opener ‘Mints’ and ‘Dr. Roach’ are hypnotic, lush and expertly played. The floating ‘Vortex Number 9’, matches warm sitar melodies with slo-mo beats, whilst ‘Bird Solo’ and ‘Corridor Moves’ have a more classical sound. The standout track ‘The Uniting Of Opposites’ slots in beautifully towards the end of the album effortlessly fusing ancient and modern sounds.

Highly recommended with impeccable performances throughout – if you like your jazz spiritual this one is for you.

Listen to ‘Ancient Lights’ below.


Ancient Lights is out now – buy from Mr Bongo or Bandcamp.

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