Album: Kamaal Williams – The Return

Kamaal Williams

Kamaal Williams, producing under the name Henry Wu, has just released a new album after the disintegration of previous duo Yusef Kammal.

Standing amongst the likes of Herbie Hancock, Lonnie Liston Smith or Roy Ayers, Kamaal Williams new album “The Return,” is a funky experimental jazz album that incorporates these customs with scintillating beats and freestyle jazz influence. The group is composed of Kamaal Williams on keys, Pete Martin on bass, McNasty on drums, and Richard Samuels as their engineer.

With production by KW, the album’s rhythms are unprecedented. His mastery of percussion is the highlight of “The Return,” and this is most evident in the song “Catch The Loop.” On this track, the scampering beat is the driving force of the song. Throughout the album there are a variety of tempos; “Catch The Loop,” begins with a freestyle jazz beat with a sense of urgency and then decelerates to a slow velvety tempo. On this album, William’s shows a sense of constraint in his time-honoured downtempo jazz-funk beats.

Early on Williams’ father introduced him to a variety of jazz fusion artists, ultimately changing the course of Williams’ musical inclinations. In a genre that is invariably changing, “The Return,” is an album that reminds the listener of the importance and value of the musical groundwork that has paved the way for contemporary experimental jazz-funk artists.



The Return is out now – buy from SOTU  or Bandcamp


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