Joanne Forman’s Cave Vaults of the Moon reissued on vinyl

Joanne Forman‘s Cave Vaults of the Moon has been remastered for a new vinyl release via Séance Centre.

Recorded in 1987 for an exhibit of sculptures in Taos, New Mexico the album is a mesmerising score for voice, Ensoniq Mirage, Juno 106, flute, guitar and effects. The playful extra-terrestrial recording wafted through the exhibit every day for its duration and then lay dormant for nearly 30 years. Unearthed now, Cave Vaults of the Moon sounds prescient and timeless, as if Pep Llopis and Iasos scored a Wicker Man remake set on Mars.

Listen to snippets from the album below and grab a copy of Cave Vaults of the Moon here.     

Cave Vaults of the Moon is out now via Séance Centre – buy the vinyl here.

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