Album: Emma-Jean Thackray – Ley Lines

Emma-Jean Thackray - Ley Lines EP

Building on her debut EP Walrus from a few years ago trumpet player, multi-instrumentalist, composer and producer Emma-Jean Thackray lays down a new bold, genre-hopping project that she single-handedly recorded in her home studio.

Inspired by Madlib, Art Ensemble Of Chicago and Fela Kuti the album pulls influences from hip-hop, jazz, and afrobeat and more to create a very refined sound.

From the light strings to the vibrant energy via expansive horns, hypnotic rhythms, added with her warm vocals to serve as the cherry on the cake, you’ve got yourself a top-notch project.

We’re treated to her soothing tones on the atmospheric opener ‘Make Do’. Elsewhere the short, sharp burst of freeform jazz on ‘Howley’ feels fresh and innovative, the beautiful trumpet lines on ‘Red Bush’ ooze of elegance and the funky grooves on the Fela Kuti inspired title track make you want to dance and prance.

“I wanted to step away from my work as a bandleader and do something self-contained. I love improvising in the moment with a band, but wanted to take the chance to create at my own pace and be true to my own vision,” she says.

‘Ley Lines’ sees Thackray deliver an engaging 8-track EP that continues to push the boundaries of modern-day jazz in her unique style.




Ley Lines is out now via The Vinyl Factory – buy from their website.

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