Guest Playlist: Nim Sadot

Guest Playlist - Nim Sadot

London-based bass player Nim Sadot offers his guest playlist.

Earlier this year we featured his Nim Quartet project which conjured up a magical mix of instrumental fusion jazz!

Nim has played with some of the top names in the jazz world including Harvey Mason, Marlene, Snow Boy and Makoto Kuriya to name a few.

For his playlist, Sadot has put together a top-notch selection of his musical influences, which includes everything from Miles Davis, Pat Metheny, Avishai Cohen, Weather Report and more.

Check out Nim’s exclusive playlist for Twistedsoul.


Miles Davis – Shout

The one and only, the man who influenced me the most. I love how Felton Crews the bass player supports the melody.


Pat Metheny – Unquity Road

Top harmony, melody, a power trio with Bob Moses on the drums and ‘god’ Jaco on bass


Marcus Miller  -Moons

Marcus was my first bass hero, he is more known for his slap work, but this is one of the top fretless solos ever !!!

Larry Coryell – Spaces Revisited

I first saw master Richard Bona at 96′ or 97′ playing with this band. This show changed my life, Since then I’ve had the chance to support Richard with my band on three different gigs.

Victor Bailey – Kid Logic

I’ve found this one on Vinyl at my uni, and I copied it to a cassette tape. He is in my top 10 fav bass players of all time.


Victor Wooten – A Show of Hands

I’ve moved to California for a few years on the year 2000, I bought this album on my first week, and I was blown away, I’m still blown away !!!

Tribal Tech – Slick
One of the top fusion bands ever walked the earth, Gary Willis on bass is killing it in this intro


Uzeb – Uzeb Club

The first fusion album I bought with Alain Caron on bass.


Avishai Cohen – Pinzin Kinzin

I first saw Avishai performing with Chick Corea’s original band, this was and still one of my all time fav albums.

Weather Report – Fast City
Jaco should have another one :)) There are too many to choose from, but I like this one cuz it’s fast!



Nim Quartet LP is available from Bandcamp / Website

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