Tristan de Liège announces new LP on Emancipator’s Loci Imprint

Emancipator’s Loci Imprint set to releases Tristan de Liège new LP.

It was around this time last year that I first came across the fragile and warm ambient sounds of Tristan de Liège‘s EP ‘In Transition’.

The LA-based producer is readying the release of his forthcoming album titled after the Japanese word for “light rain”, ‘Kosame’ is inspired by the feelings of nostalgia, peacefulness, and transience that accompany rain.

Lead single ‘Sunfall’ is beautiful and utterly elegant in its peaceful delivery, the gentle plucks from strings and harp are perfectly complemented by Carly Barnette’ feathery vocals.

Tristan comments, Kosame” is largely instrumental but there are a couple of vocal tracks featuring Carly Barnette and Selina Carrera. He adds, “I met Carly at this recurring monthly series of shows. She did an acoustic set at one of them, and I approached her after because I was really impressed with her range and wanted someone who could create a soulful vibe. [Selina] basically had nothing prepared and just starting improvising over my beat and I just hit ‘Record,’ and then I kept my favourite parts.”

The lead single also comes with an Asta Hiroki remix and an instrumental version which you can stream along with the original version below.

‘Kosame’ is due on Emancipator’s imprint; Loci Records on April 13th.


Sunfall (Feat. Carly Barnette) is out now – buy from Bandcamp

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