Wolf Müller teams up with Niklas Wandt on new album


Wolf Müller & Niklas Wandt - Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World

Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World brings together the collaborative talents of “tropical drums” obsessive Jan Schulte, AKA Wolf Müller and percussionist Niklas Wandt.

Meeting back in 2011; the duo has had a casual working relationship ever since and spent the past two years working on the album which pairs Schulte’s outernational inspirations and krautrock spirit with Wandt’s improvisational funky percussion.

Featuring “three trance-inducing epics, a handful of medium-sized movers and a couple of freeform interludes,” the pair will according to the press notes “make you swing your pants like a Crash Bandicoot victory dance”, so we reckon this double album is going to be ultra special.

The 12-track release is due for release next month via Growing Bin Records and Patrick Ryder, of Manchester’s Piccadilly Records, describes it as “a supernatural mission into the heart of the rhythm.”

Listen to snippets of Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World below.


A1 Der Mitte Der World
A2 Lockerina feat. Timo Hein
B1 Expedition feat. Florian Van Volxem
B2 Auflösung
C1 Welcome Zum Paradies feat. Florian Van Volxem, Sara Dudzinski Rodriguez, Kurt Prödel
C2 Kleiner Trommelbaum
C3 Traum 4 feat. Philipp Otterbach
C4 Kurzgedichte
D1 Ahu feat. Nils Herzogenrath, Florian Van Volxem
D2 Aus Versehen Angetörnt
D3 Weltraumsandalen feat. Florian Van Volxem
D4 Ein Afrikadelle Danke

Growing Bin Records will release Instrumentalmusik von der Mitte der World next month – pre-order here.

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