Album Of The Week: Hello Skinny – Watermelon Sun

Album Of the Week: Hello Skinny - Watermelon Sun

Tom Skinner aka Hello Skinny returns with a new album ‘Watermelon Sun’. Inspired by NYC’s open-minded 197o’s dub-disco scene and London’s genre-blurring jazz-influenced vanguard, the project features trombone player and composer Peter Zummo.

Taking inspiration from Zummo after hearing him explain his open-form approach to composition. The album was recorded in free-form, improvised live sessions with only a handful of riffs, melodies and basslines as the starting point for open-ended recordings.

A performer and composer since the late ‘60s, Zummo, who played on Arthur Russell’s cult disco tracks ‘Kiss Me Again’ and ‘Go Bang’, weaves his influence across the album, from the off-kilter club banger of ‘Mr P.Z.’ to the slow-build, yearning sounds of ‘iDEATH’.

Stand-outs include ‘Mr P.Z’, ‘Bluebells’, ‘ Rashad’, and the title track. This is an excellent album that demands your full attention. A more than welcome return.


Watermelon Sun is out now via Brownswood Recordings – buy from Bandcamp.

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