Luaka Bop unearth Panduranga John Henderson’s rare album

Panduranga Henderson

Following on from Alice Coltrane‘s ‘World Spirituality Classics’ earlier this year, Luaka Bop unearth another deep and spiritual record from Coltrane’s ashram pianist John Panduranga Henderson.

Panduranga (meaning Dispeller of Darkness) played organ, piano and sang with Ray Charles in the 1970’s where he was a star performer in Ray’s band. When he joined the Ashram, he became in essence a star performer there as well, though of course there were no ‘stars’. Alice sitting at the organ would say, “Panduranga” and he would come to the front and let loose one of his amazing gospel-esque solos praising Rama or Vishnu or Jesus, Muhammad, Moses and more.

Having spent decades in obscurity Luaka Bop give Panduranga’s incredibly rare record Ocean Of Love a new lease of life.

Press play below and go for a nice long walk .



1. Hari Namaste (Greetings)

2. Hari Haraya

3. Rama Rama, Sri Bhagwan

4. Om Namah Shivaya

Panduranga John Henderson’s Ocean Of Love is out now  – buy from SOTU.


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