Stream Poppy Ajudha’s new song ‘Tepid Soul’

 Poppy Ajudha

South London singer, songwriter and model Poppy Ajudha blesses us with her new track “Tepid Soul”. It follows last nights headline show at the Peckham Liberal Club and her stunning visual for “Spilling Into You”.

The track is beautifully laced with Ajudha’s signature vocals, taking the listener on a hypnotic odyssey. Exploring her identity and heritage on the song the new number finds her as honest and forthright as ever, she explains:

‘The song looks at the familiar fragmented identity that is constructed through being of dual heritage and therefore often seeming to not fit in either sides of your family. As people recurringly project their cultural fantasies of where I could be from onto me, the last line “am I the right shade for you” critiques colourism and the fetishism and exoticism that exists around mixed-race women’s bodies.’

We’re looking forward to hearing more from Poppy Ajudha in 2018, but for now, dive into “Tepid Soul” below.       


Tepid Soul is out now – buy here.

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