Album Of The Week: Carlos Niño’s & Friends – Going Home

 Carlos Niño’s & Friends

Los Angeles-native Carlos Niño is the revered producer, composer, percussionist, DJ, ensemble orchestrator and mentor who has roamed the multitude of music scenes the city has birthed within the last two decades.

Returning to the 5th of his “& Friends” series called Going Home, he once again teams up with frequent collaborators like Deantoni Parks, Dexter Story, Jamael Dean, Josh Johnson, Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, SK Kakraba, and New Age Legend Iasos.

The LP is a definitive six -song odyssey in tribute to “passing from the earthly realm”, and the cosmic waves of album opener “Light-Codes” set the tone for an album that’s filled with expansive soundscapes that reveal new delights on repeated listens.

The entrancing, otherworldly jazz of “OrganicSelf,” is quietly captivating with its shimmering percussion and sweeping strings. “Garden Of Bells” is a deep dive into Sun Ra-esque spiritual deepness while the peaceful, floating ambience of  ‘‘Perrsssspeshhhhiift” and “Deep, Deep Breaths’ offer something more chilled. Both tracks are beautifully atmospheric, trance-inducing pieces that explore the outer reaches of ambient music.

All in all a highly engaging, beautifully performed album and possibly his best to date.

Massively recommended.


Going Home is out now on Leaving Records – buy from Bandcamp.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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