Between The Cracks: 5 New Releases You Need To Hear

 Between The Cracks

With so much good music coming through thick and fast, it’s easy for new music to drop online and go unnoticed. To help prevent this, we’ve picked five releases that may have slipped past your radar. Stream music from Beating Heart, Dear Earth, Panoram, NameBrandSound and Martin Glass. If you like what you hear, support the artists.


Beating Heart – South Africa Vol. 3

Following the debut Malawi album last year, the Beating Heart series continues with a 4-track release that focuses on the vibrant sounds of South Africa, sampling field recordings made by Hugh Tracey back in the 1950s, with kind permission from the International Library of African Music. Profits from the release support the Women’s Legal Centre and Access Music Project in South Africa. Please don’t sleep on this EP!





Dear Earth – Gone Solid Gone EP

Initially intended as a single sided, limited 10″ pressing of Dickhead, the Gone Solid Gone EP is a 7 track statement of intent from Dear Earth. Having previously released his debut LP on Marcel Vogel’s Intimate Friends label, Gone Solid Gone marks a return to his roots, creating music with friends and family in Peckham, South London. Solid EP that gets better with each play.





Panoram – The Question

Panoram, the elusive Mediterranean producer famous for his “Everyone is a Door” on Firecracker and “A Doom With A View” on Origin Peoples, now returns with a long-awaited EP for his Wandering Eye imprint. The range here on “The Question” is an illustrative sound collage that leaves its listener adrift through unexplored musical territories. All in all, it’s a superb release.





NameBrandSound – Spell T . H . I . S . O . N . E EP

IG Culture and Alex Phountzi are NameBrandSound and are back with their third EP on their own Arena Yard imprint. Known for their roles in the broken beat movement, NameBrandSound puts a nowadays take on a lifetime of different influences. You know what to do.





Martin Glass – The Pacific Visions of Martin Glass

Martin Glass shares his debut album, a trip through short musical sketches that takes in exotica, nippon pop, neo-classical, electronic and ambient. As debut albums go, it’s pretty stunning.




CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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