Hear a track from Tamten’s debut solo EP

Solo EP from Tamten.

Diamentowa Sutra sustains the high standards set by Polish label Transatlantyk.

The five-tracker from Warsaw-based producer Matt Brzezny aka Tamten who by day serves as a vinyl pusher in Warsaw’s most excellent Side One record store marks his first solo release.

It’s a beautiful fusion of ambient electronics and opener “Przebudzenie” is one of the EP’s best moments.

The emotive, ever-changing track builds with a mysterious soundbed of subaquatic pads, floating riffs, new-age-y siren calls and ear-tingling melodies.

Plunge into the icy tones of “Przebudzenie” below. Superb stuff!


Diamentowa Sutra is out on October 31st – Preorder on Transatlantyk’s Bandcamp.

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