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Blameful Isles

Daniel Israelsson aka Blameful Isles offers his guest playlist.

A few months back we were treated to the Blameful Isles fourth album This Heart Of Our Heart,” a spiritual journey of self discovery that elevated the mind, body and soul.

The album took us on a beautifully sublime trip through musical mazes and landscapes and we thought it would be great to get Israelson to curate a playlist for the site.

From Harold Budd, to John Coltrane via Brain Eno the talented artist has picked out ten of his favourite tracks which he talk’s about in detail below. Dive in and without further ado, over to Daniel…


Harold Budd – Bismillahi ‘Rrahman ‘Rrahim

When I discovered the music of Harold Budd, it felt as if I had come home. His colourful piano playing is something that I really like, and he’s not really beating you over the head with what he’s doing technically, but emotionally, however, he is on a completely different level. I sense that he’s deeply connected with being and totally absorbed by the timeless now. That’s what he’s doing to me at least. He’s displaying our shared being through music and beauty. This is my favourite track by him, and it’s from ”The Pavilion of Dreams” and as the title of the track reveals. This is a celebration of god.


John Coltrane – Seraphic Light

No need to describe the impact that John Coltrane had in the world other than that he was a prophet. Not just musically, but I mean he transmitted awakening by preaching through his horn. You could choose any track, so I just picked the one that I currently listen to the most.


Pharoah Sanders – Colors

The same goes for Pharoah. A truly pure being that transmits and infect you with god. You can experience his own personal experience of union, love, god and light by simply listening to his music. Timeless perfection. The same goes for Pharoah; you could choose any track, so I chose Colors from Karma just not to have a thirty-minute track on the playlist.


Brian Eno – Fullness Of Wind (variation on Canon in D major by Johann Pachabell)

I love classical music and I just recently found this variation of ”Canon in D major” on Brian Enos stunning album ”Discreet Music” So I couldn’t help but include it on my playlist.


Joki Freund Sextet – HL 20

A rare spiritual jazz gem from 1963 that literally is as timeless as it gets. Wonderful musicians that execute this whole album perfectly. Can’t recommend this enough. Taken from ”Joki Freund Sextet – Yogi Jazz”


G.S. Sachdev – Cosmos

Eastern music is something that I deeply cherish. Especially Bansuri music. So I chose this track by G.S. Sachdev titled ”Cosmos” that really reveals that meditation is what you are. Not what you do. Utter love and beauty in this one.



Avishai Cohen Trio – Chutzpan

Avishai Cohen is one of my favourite contemporary bass-players, and his power trio is absolutely something extraordinary. With The wonderful Mark Guilliana on drums and Shai Maestro on piano, there is nothing these guys cant do. With musicianship level expert this is just pure joy to experience. This track, in particular, is a track that is very dear to me. I absolutely get blown away every time I listen to it.


Johann Johannsson – The Candlelight Vigil

I have as long as I can remember loved ambient music and this track taken from the soundtrack of the motion picture ”Prisoners” is truly something else. No description really needed, just let it capture you and see how you respond.


Christian Scott – The Eraser

Can it go wrong when Christian Scott covers Thom Yorke? No. Thom Yorke’s track Eraser is almost as beautiful as it gets. And to be privileged with a jazz cover by a true master of composition as well as the trumpet is a true blessing. I remember hearing this in an old rehearsal-space I shared with a couple of friends and was totally transported. It was the most beautiful thing I had ever heard. I listened to it on repeat for almost a whole day. The whole album is a magnificent piece of art. ”Yesterday you said tomorrow” is a modern classic without a doubt.


Jahari Massamba Unit / Yesterdays New Quintet / Madlib – Pretty Eyes

Otis Jackson Junior aka Madlib aka one million aliases more is one of the most influential producer/artists of our generation I would have to say. Be it in the realm of Hip Hop, Funk, Jazz, Rock you name it. He’s got the bag. I’ve listened to him and his different projects for years and I continue to get inspired every listen. It’s not really fair to choose one track from this amazing and productive artist. But this track has stuck with me through the years, and it never gets old. ”Pretty Eyes” from ”High Jazz”.

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