The Paris Smith Quintet – Thought Seeds / Lilith Came 7″

New on Jazzaggression: Paris Smith Quintet
Image via Mr Bongo

Last year Jazzagression reissued Chicago vibist Paris Smith‘s extremely rare second album “Thought Seeds”.

The Quintet led by Smith featured Carol Sawall on the vocals for the first time as well as  Jimmy Ellis on saxophone, Usama Pitts on drums and Tyler Mitchell on bass.

The highly sought after modal/spiritual jazz gem, originally released in 1983 has long been demanding three-figure sums on the vinyl collectables auction market.

Now the Norwegian label drop two of the standout tracks taken from the “Thought Seeds” LP, on a 7″. The release also comes with the lovely Carol Sawall created new artwork which you can see above.



Thought Seeds 7″ is out now – buy Jazz Aggression or Mr Bongo.

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