Album Of The Week: Vibration Black Finger – Guadi

Vibration Black Finger

Following his brilliant Blackism album, Lascelle Lascelles aka Lascelles Gordon brings his second Vibration Black Finger release of the year.

With VBF’s mantra of “1970’s spiritual jazz with a post punk attitude” ringing loud and clear his new release called Guadi epitomise his unique and individual talent.

Laying down a melting pot of flavours that includes jazz, soul, psyche, spiritual and gospel music this five track EP comes crammed full of surprises. Each piece brings something new twisting and turning down unexpected avenues that intrigue and delight.

Opening track “Get Up And Do It” kicks off the album with some heavy hitting funk. Legendary vocalist Maggie Nicols  appears on the soulful and uplifting “Got To Believe”. We also hear Nicols soaring tones weave in and out of the groovy rhythms and energetic beats of “Alive in the Five”. On the smooth and sultry “Love and Hate'” vocalist Ebony Rose and saxophonist Jake Telford’s take flight on the downtempo number with a bossa twist. The rework of “Amazing Grace” featuring Rose once again is a thing of spiritual jazz beauty. From her seductive and deeply enchanting tones to Nat Birchall’s glorious smoky saxophone this beautiful rendition is so incredibly well crafted that you’ll just get lost in the music.

Like earlier VBF releases, Guadi offers a superb showcase into Gordon’s unique sonic world.


Guadi is out now via ENID Records – buy from Boomkat or Juno.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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