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The second record in The Centennial Trilogy, Diaspora. The term diaspora is used here by Christian in the broadest sense possible.

He is referring to the WORLD Diaspora – All peoples, oneness & love. While Ruler Rebel identifies who is speaking, Diaspora identifies the listener – WHO is being spoken to.

Growing up in the Upper Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah was keenly aware that people of different histories and cultures were enduring the same experiences and challenges.

Despite this commonality, they accepted the notion that they we’re not kin and therefore nemesis. Topical ideas like race, religious purview, sexual preference & perceived economic standing ultimately stunt the growth of community, which in turn stunts the growth of Cities and Municipalities, States and Provinces, Nations, and finally our world.

A deliberate stretching of styles and genres speak to this fundamental issue and offers a path forward. A path to break down perceived barriers and work together to build a lasting future.


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