Album Of The Week: Ariwo – Ariwo

Album Of the Week

Ariwo are a Cuban/Iranian four-piece that tap into the rich intersection between electronic music, Afro-Cuban rhythm and Iranian mysticism.  The quartet consists of Iranian electronic composer, Pouya Ehsaei and three influential London-based Cuban musicians; percussionists Oreste Noda, Hammadi Valdes and trumpeter Yelfris Valdes.  Their self-titled debut album offers up four slices of hypnotic, dubby, cosmic soundscapes that are utterly mesmerising. Opening with the meandering, and spacious sounds of “To Earth” a lovely trumpet fills the song as blippy electronics fill the gaps. On Caldera they crank the EP up a notch with a 9 minute improvised jam of tribal house hedonism. The Afro Cuba influence comes to the fore on “Alafin” a voyage into tropical rhythms ad electronics. The album closes with “Gahambar” an epic sound clash that blends the exciting and eclectic elements of the three previous tracks with heavy percussion work with a raw edge. It’s a record full of brilliant ideas all cleverly exceuted that marks Ariwo out as one of the most exciting underground acts of the moment. A truly original debut album.



1. To Earth
2. Caldera
3. Alafin
4. Gahambar


Ariwo’s self-tiled EP is out now via Manana Records – buy from Bandcamp.

CF Smith

Write for Music Is My Sanctuary & Stereofox.

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