Medline shares second track from his evolving ‘Undercover’ project

The second track from Medline‘s new project “Undercover” is “Scrabble” by Belgian composer René Costy. Once again the pays due respect to the original with the lightest of updated touches, his cover of this Italian library rarity is top-notch.

The newest reworking is described in a press release as so – “Medline choosed to calm down the tempo. As an orchestra and elite musicians played in the original track, it would be hard to challenge them at the same speed. René Costy’s chorus is exceptional, the following electric piano and trombone with a wah wah effect are also crazy.”

With its irresistible groove that keeps moving on and on throughout the song. The French Chilean producer will be peeling new layers off the project track by track, so hold tight and check out the latest installment as it’s a delight. Listen below and buy here.                   

CF Smith

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