Album Of The Week : Floating Points – Reflections – Mojave Desert


Floating Points

Floating Points aka Sam Shepherd new album “Reflections – Mojave Desert’” finds the multi-instrumentalist and his band blending environmental recordings with, sweeping jazz, electronics and instrumental prog rock.

“Whilst we were out playing and exploring the area around us—the sound reflecting from the rocks, the sound of the wind between them, complete stillness at night and packs of roaming coyotes in the distance, it became apparent that we could use this as its own unique recording environment.” Sam Shepherd

“Reflections – Mojave Desert” is the first in a planned series of environmental recordings by Floating Points filmed and recorded at different locations around the world.  Created last year the 27-minute film came to life as Floating Points traveled to the Mojave to rehearse in between US touring.  Struck by the distinct sonic tapestry of the desert, they set up a recording operation and filmed this new work.  Various microphones and sound source placement led to the recording of undulating winds, bird calls, natural reverberation – all of which were mixed back into the last recording.

Another wonderful musical adventure from Floating Points. This album is the kind of quality release that he’s built his impeccable reputation on and long may it continue.


Reflections – Mojave Desert is out now – buy from SOTU 0r Boomkat.




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