The Rewind No 55: John Coltrane & Alice Coltrane Cosmic Music

john coltrane with alice coltrane

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A much-needed reissue of “Cosmic Music,” originally self-released by Alice Coltrane in 1968 and later issued by Impulse!.

The album features two tracks (‘Manifestation’ and ‘Rev. King’) performed by John Coltrane’s legendary final quintet that were recorded in San Francisco, 1966 – plus two more (‘Lord Help Me To Be’ and ‘The Sun’) from Alice Coltrane’s very first session as a bandleader, recorded six months after her husband’s passing.


  1. Manifestation
  2. Lord Help Me To Be
  3. Rev. King
  4. The Sun

Cosmic Music is out now via Superior Viaduct  – buy from SOTU.

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